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Caissa, Goddess of Chess


95% of the world population believes in some or another supreme being or beings. The three major religions in the world are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, with a total of 4.5 billion adherents worshipping God, Allah and Durga.


The Pawn, Intrepid Soldier


No army is complete without soldiers. However far back in time we go to study the history of chess, there have always been foot soldiers as intrinsic part of the game, as there are in history of both ancient and modern warfare.


The Bishop, Spiritual Advisor


The place of the bishops at the beginning of the game is immediately to the left and to the right of King and Queen. This is no coincidence; the role of the bishop has always been that of an advisor or counselor of some sort, so his natural place is close to the throne.

The Queen, A Powerful Spouse


Since chess is a “royal” game, it seems only logical that king and queen start out a chess game side by side, right in the center of their army. But where the king will hide in a corner, at least in the earlier phases of the game, the queen is ready to come out right away and create havoc and destruction in the enemy forces.

The King, A Royal Leader


Throughout the history of chess, which is believed to have started in 6th century India as a game called chaturanga, the game has always been about the well being of the king. Purpose of the game is to capture the enemy king. Chess is often considered a “royal” game: a game of kings and queens.

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