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King Arthur Set (The last set)

King Arthur Chess Set (The last set)
King Arthur Chess Set
King Arthur Chess Set
King Arthur Chess Set
King Arthur Chess Set
King Arthur Chess Set

First series of these sets coming to an end, we have only last one or two left in each design. An enhanced version will be launched later in the year. 

If you missed it please send an email, we shall keep you informed of the launch.

Legendary British Hero King Arthur, who defended Britain from Saxon invader early 6th Century, is the inspiration for this equally legendary Chess Set.

Looking at a sculpture and 14th century Tapestry, the elaborate decoration of Arthur's dress expects a knight named after him is of equally dignity and valour. Our master craftsman in India has met this challenge and carved the knight most suited to create another legend for collectors of Chess-sets.

Available in 4.4" size choice of Boxwood/Ebony or Boxwood/Rosewood, with 2 extra Queens, 34 piece set comes in special leather bound box, with signed certificate of authencity.

In style, dignity and elaborate detailing make King Arthur Chess-set is one of most important part of collectors' series introduced by for 2009. Number of each set of the series will be limited for sale; we are getting enquiries from collectors internationally. 

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